Provide cyber security strategy network to ensure security and safekeeping of utility data processing and communications within utilities and municipality's domain. Mitigate operational risks to create value for data resilience.


3INSYS’ security experience proves valuable in today’s marketplace. Utility and communications systems require better protection than ever and for that protection, it makes sense for clients worldwide to turn to the company that is best at building those systems. The right solution requires an understanding of mission parameters, strengths and vulnerabilities. We use that knowledge to analyze threats and their countermeasures.

Our approach to program management reflects our ability to coordinate and prioritize our vast resources. We also manage programs across numerous markets which ensures that resources are directed at the needs of our clients.

How 3INSYS Can Help

Physical and Electronic Security - 3INSYS offers advantages in security design that are among the best in the industry and we specialize in vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection and video surveillance. We offer closed circuit TV and radiation detection, as well as fencing and lighting design.

Special Areas of Security - Countries all over the world face the constant threat of terrorism. In addition, concerns about nuclear and hazardous waste materials have loomed for decades. 3INSYS delivers highly effective programs in these areas. We also specialize in emergency response systems and designs for airports, maritime facilities and water and power utilities.

Cyber Security - In a digital world, safeguarding information is more critical and is becoming a greater challenge. That is why the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has enacted Cyber Security and Reliability Standards. 3INSYS helps to ensure that clients are in full compliance with these requirements. We have developed mechanisms to continuously assess and report NERC-required metrics.