High Performance Computation

High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions are designed to take on the most challenging problems while solving such issues as power, performance, scalability and reliability.

High Performance Computation

High Performance Computing requires a deep knowledge of many different disciplines. These include computing, interconnect, storage, and parallel filesystem. In a technology world that has been challenged by the Open Compute Project (OCP), the HPC vertical has also been pushed to deliver the most scalable computing.

In the past, performance was regarded as the main critical requirement for HPC solutions, today other features such as the following are as equally important:

  • Easy of manageability via a single view plane
  • Workload monitoring and reporting
  • Improvement of data throughput and minimizes wasted compute cycles
  • Movement of data between different mediums of storage and integrating to the Cloud
  • Integration into data analytics applications

To ease the frustration of bringing all the technologies together and integrating them, which can delay deployments, we offer a turnkey solution with engineering, hardware, software and on-site professional services.