Smart Grid

3Insys is a reliable supplier of smart grid solutions to water, gas, and electric utilities. The Smart grid solutions amplify the benefits of the architecture, networks, sensors, data collectors and innovative applications by facilitating delivery of real-time data, information and analytics that utilities can utilize to monitor their distribution networks, improve operations, mitigate problems, and preempt instabilities.

Smart Grid

3Insys is a smart grid solutions provider focused on delivering consulting services and insightful analyses to utilities, C&I customers, residential customers and other clients. Our team can design, build and deploy proof-of-concepts, targeted pilots and end-to-end solutions for the Smart Grid ecosystem. 3Insys will support utilities to incorporate of renewable energy resources and provide modeling, simulation and control tools needed to manage, optimize and secure the power grid.

Many of today’s enabling technologies – such as Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Demand Response, Home Automation and Home Area Network, Distributed Renewable Resources, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, etc. – are capable of transforming the utility paradigms and business processes, from the way it engineers the energy delivery system to the way it serves its customers.

Research Smart Grid Products and Solutions

  • Data Acquisitions, Measurement and Validation.
  • Power Systems, Data modeling, simulation and analysis.
  • Hybrid AC-DC systems
  • Energy conversion modules and bidirectional converters
  • Residential Microgrids and Nanogrids
  • Residential Renewable Energy Integration with battery storage
  • Home Energy Automation
  • Smart Energy Efficiency
  • Grid-friendly Enablement of Electrical Loads

Develop Custom Software Modules, Libraries, and Solutions

  • Data, Protocol and Payload Translation and Interfacing
  • Integrating Legacy Applications
  • Intelligent Data Logging

Design and develop smart grid proof-of-concepts and pilots to evaluate

  • Developing Efficient Architectures
  • Hardware and software interfaces
  • Communications
  • Data and protocol
  • Interfaces to back office enterprise applications
  • Database design, sizing and transactions
  • Demand Response programs