We Are 3Insys

3Insys was established in 2011 and brought together a group of individuals who have a passion and expertise for data systems, robotics, and security. The team understands how utilities and other critical infrastructure markets are experiencing business challenges caused by the underlying technical challenges associated with integrating disparate systems. 3Insys is a team of highly skilled people focused on enabling utilities and other markets to achieve their business goals with solutions and products to simplify system, data, and security integration that are Insightful, Innovative, and Intelligent. That’s 3Insys.

Our Vision

Our vision is for an environment where companies are free to add, replace, or upgrade their systems and devices, their data is always fully integrated, and access to their systems and APIs is protected without worry, risk, or concern.


Our mission is to help companies achieve their business goals and digital transformations by removing the complexities associated with System, Data, and Security Integration.


Our goal is to deliver advanced solutions that simplify System, Data, and Security Integration and make integration as easy as plug-and-play.


3Insys core values are centered around the key principle of making a difference each day. People truly make the difference, and we strive every day to make a difference for our customers, partners, and employees.

Building Blocks for Success

Achieving success isn’t about installing a new box. Rather, it’s a process that engages our stakeholders to come together with a unified vision.

Understanding our customers’ business goals, vision, challenges, and current environment is critical to the process. Equally important to achieving success is having key stakeholders actively engaged in every step of the process.

What differentiates 3Insys from other companies is that our people come from the utility and technology industries, and we understand the problems firsthand.

Building Blocks for Success

Meet Our Leadership Team

Aras Raiani


Allan Rakos


Shiv Prabhu


Mike Koch


Matt Lampe

Aras Raiani, CEO

Aras Raiani is responsible for the product technology, innovation, vision, strategy, and leadership of 3Insys. Aras has assembled high-powered business and technology teams to address critical challenges experienced in the Energy and Utility industries. He’s successfully delivered leading end-to-end IT products and solutions that empowered interoperability that addressed industry key challenges in the areas of IT-OT integration, system and data integration, centralized data storage, and security. Aras is an innovative technology leader with more than 15 years of experience in Utilities, Industry Software Design and Development, Machine Learning, AI-Robotics, and Data Mining. His leadership and technical aptitude strengths led to his selection to lead the USC Robotics team, NASA’s Ames Research Center, and the SEW Demand Response and AMI / Smart Grid Solutions. Aras is passionate about developing impactful technology products and scalable SaaS business models.

Allan Rakos, EVP

Allan oversees operations, business growth, alliances and strategy development at 3Insys. Prior to joining 3Insys, Allan has held Director, VP and COO positions at Intel Corporation and in the Telecommunication industry where he led and developed industry solutions utilizing a Solution Oriented Architecture model that focuses on the convergence of computing and telecommunications.

Shiv Prabhu, CTO

With 20 years of experience in enterprise software research, development, Shiv led teams in the development of tools, frameworks and applications for Smart Grid system architecture, databases, APIs, system integration, security and communication protocols for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Demand Response Management (DRM) and Home / Building Area Networks (HAN/BAN).

Mike Koch, VP

Mike is responsible for Global Sales and Marketing. Mike’s leadership skill have been honed over the years through creating, marketing, and selling solutions that enabled Smart Grid/Water/Gas/Cities to overcome their business challenges and achieve their visions. Prior to leading sales and marketing at 3Insys, Mike led the Solution Architecture and Business Development practices for Motorola, developed sales channels for custom software solutions at Kutir Mobility, led eastern U.S. Sales at Mimomax, then spread his entrepreneurial wings and started his own consulting company that helped small businesses increase their marketing and sales.

Matt Lampe, CSO

As Chief Security Officer for 3Insys, Matt drives cybersecurity and technology innovation. Matt’s 25 years of technology leadership in CIO and CTO roles have helped utilities and organizations overcome digital transformation, infrastructure innovation, technology strategy development, consolidation of technology governance, and economic development issues. Matt’s experience in cybersecurity, directing the development of information security programs for entities with essential service and critical infrastructure responsibilities, addressing compliance with NERC, PCI DSS, FACTA, DOJ, HPPA, and participated in developing the NIST critical infrastructure protection framework.

Ecosystem Partner Environment

When it comes to partnerships, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. The 3Insys Ecosystem Partner Environment creates a collaborative venue where innovation and integration create solutions that solve business problems and drive digital transformation.

Each Ecosystem Partner brings a unique value that reflects the needs of our customers and the industry. By aligning our efforts and working together, the collaboration of the Ecosystem Partners delivers change that drives operational efficiency faster than ever.

The success of the Ecosystem Partner Environment comes from a mixture of experienced people who care about helping others, a collaborative environment that’s open to ideas, and using the industry best practices and processes that deliver results.

Ecosystem Partner Environment