System, Data, and Security Integration

Driving Digital Transformation

As utilities and cities go through their digital transformations, they are integrating new applications and solutions into their IT and OT systems.

The integration of new digital technology underpins a company’s vision, but a comprehensive solution to system, data, and security integration is required to eliminate any barriers and deliver smooth implementations.

The Cross Integration Suite from 3Insys takes a 360-degree approach to SYSTEM, DATA, and SECURITY integration with a suite of products that enables companies to easily integrate their IT and OT systems, manage and centralize data for storage, and increase the security of their access to data without adding complexity.

3Insys Cross Integration Suite

Integrated Products That Empower Interoperability

The Cross System Integrator [XSI] is a complete integration solution that makes connecting and sharing data between any systems in an IT environment as easy as Plug-and-Play.

Integrate new and old systems together, share data between applications, centralize event and log information, and quickly automate business processes using Robotic Business Process Automation to drive efficiencies across the company.

Cross System Integrator [XSI]

Data drives decisions. Having the ability to pull data together from any source and deliver a unified view to make business and critical decisions can be the difference between success and failure.

The Cross Data Integrator [XDI] integrates data from any source, independent of where the data is located or the format it’s in, delivering companies a 360-degree view into their operations. Normalized data can be stored in an XDI Data Warehouse for a single source of truth for all company data or used by 3rd party business intelligence applications.

Cross Data Integrator [XDI]

The Cross Security Manager [XSM] increases the security across an organization by applying advanced authentication methods, fraud detection, and other enhanced security features to ensure that only authorized users can access the data.

User experience is important, and XSM delivers single sign-on capability and omni-channel technology to simplify the process and deliver a consistent user experience−no matter which device or application is used to access the data.

Cross Security Manager [XSM]

Integration Advances the Digital Utility

Advancements in technology help fortify utilities and Smart Cities. The Cross Integration Suite delivers an INSIGHTFUL, INNOVATIVE, AND INTELLIGENT ecosystem of products, solutions, and services that enable companies to integrate technology, achieve their visions, and drive operational efficiency across their organization.

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The Cross Integration Suite takes away the risk and complexity utilities and cities face as they add new digital solutions to their operations to improve their levels of service and offer new services that meet their customer’s needs. Supporting high-availability and fault-tolerant architectures, the Cross Integration Suite was designed for the 24x7x365 requirements of utilities, cities, and all other critical infrastructure markets.



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